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Botanical Segway Adventures
Vendor: Botanical World
Category: Segway
Location: Hawaii-Hawaii (The Big Island)

Aloha Intro Tour (30 Minutes - Rating: EASY)

Experience the fun of gliding on a Segway PT (personal transporter) gliding into tomorrow... today! This Segway Authorized Tour is an experience you must have when you visit our gardens. On this 30 minute glide your certified guide will teach you how to ride a Segway and offer a brief 'taste' of our rainforest.

Segway Off-Road through the Rain Forest

Ke Ola Tour (60 Minutes - Rating: EASY)

For those that want a longer experience than the Aloha Tour this is the one for you. All your senses will be invigorated when you take a little more time to enjoy the soothing trade winds while tasting, smelling and viewing the gardens from the comfortable glide of your Segway. See orchids in the trees and hundreds of exotic plants that will take your senses through our Hawaiian world, filled with stories and lore that our gardens hold.

Segway Off-Road through the Rain Forest

Mala Pua Tour (90 Minutes - Rating: EASY to MODERATE)

Experience our lush, tropical gardens while you 'live Aloha'. Smell the flowers, taste the spices and listen to the soothing trade winds and waterfalls. See Cashew, Pineapple, Cinnamon, orchids in the trees and hundreds of exotic plants that will take your senses to our Hawaiian world, filled with stories and lore that our gardens hold.

Mamalahoa Tour (120 Minutes - Rating: MODERATE to CHALLENGING)

This exotic rain forest tour takes you along a gentle section of the stunning Hamakua coastline - as seen only by those that have lived here - yet, gliding in a way never before possible. Smell the sweet scent of the forest and hear the soft trade winds as you glide past waterfalls and rare curved and historic wooden bridges. See the huge variety of vine covered avocados, wild orchids in the trees and hear stories and lore of the island coast. At the end of the trail, we offer a special treat that will delight and surprise you with a unique taste all its own.

Hanapueo Tour (120 Minutes - Rating: CHALLENGING to ADVANCED)

When riders have mastered the basics of gliding the Segway PT they are ready for a new level of ride. The Segway X2 is an off road vehicle that can go off road and really needs to to be appreciated fully. This tour provides just the perfect location running along the Hanapueo stream mauka (to mountain) from the Botanical Gardens. The trails are designed to give a great area of the rain forest to guide guests for an elevated touring experience, literally and figuratively. The tour takes riders under the zip lines and through interesting challenges to give gliders a one of a kind experience. The tour takes riders to areas of the gardens seen by only the avid hikers and zip line riders. Furthermore the views from Kamaee Falls are spectacular. From Mauna Kea to the wide Pacific blue, the views are spectacular and the Segway gives the world a new edge!

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30 Min Garden Intro$57.00
90 Min Rainforests$127.00
2hr Mamalahoa Rainforest/Waterfall$166.36

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